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Doranne Keating-Simoens   -- DKS Vocale Voiceovers

DKS Vocale Voiceovers…featuring the unique voice of Doranne Keating-Simoens: a distinctive, dynamic sound with a pragmatic heart. Whether you need a tone that’s articulate and authoritative, or friendly and familiar, Doranne can deliver. It's a sound that’s great for business and satire, eLearning modules, family ads, corporate narrations, explainer videos, environmental documentaries, and diverse audio books. 

A little more detail and background.....

  • Seeking a business read?  With a Master of Business Administration degree and over 15 years corporate experience, Doranne is uniquely in tune with the language and style expected by corporate clients.
  • Needing a European flair to your script? Doranne is proficient in French and can freely alternate in both American English and European French. She received her BA in International Studies and French and has lived in France and even Quebec.  She has also traveled extensively around the world.
  • Looking for a melodic sound? Trained as a mezzo soprano and with a background in dramatic interpretation and musical theater, Doranne channels expressive and artistic variation with an inspired focus. That’s just part of the ‘vocale’ to her voiceovers, her savoir-faire.  And if you're looking to convey a retro charm, she’ll even take your listener for a virtual spin on the dance floor, especially if you like lindy hop or swing dance.
  • Targeting an ardent read for the environmental sector? As a personal passion, Doranne has long been an active citizen in supporting and coordinating efforts for recycling and broader environmental initiatives, including corporate sustainability measures. 
  • Aiming for a relatable, everyday mom vibe? As a mother of two children, Doranne’s sound delivers on the empathy and charisma expected on family themes, anchored by experience and a caring, pragmatic heart.

DKS Vocale Voiceovers.....Helping your business reach the right tone! 

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